Polonite® the right choice

Compact wwtp with p-filter-sm

Polonite® is the natural choice for anyone who wants an environmental-friendly, reliable and robust solution for Phosphorus retention. A minimum of service interventions is required.
Polonite® is normally delivered as complete filter-bags, adapted for easy ‘plug & play’ installation. It comes in three different sizes, 370, 500 and 1,000 kgs. Different tanks are available for different filter sizes. Directly from Polonite Nordic or from other suppliers in the market.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my filter?

Check the pH of the water coming out from the filter. This can easily be checked either by your service partner (if you have signed a service contract) or otherwise by yourself using a hi-res pH-indicator paper that is dipped into to surface water of the bag. See picture below. If the pH is at least 9.0 you can rest assured that function is intact. If the pH is below 9.0 the function might still be OK, but in this case, it is recommended to take a water sample and have that sample analyzed by someone having the required instruments. Check with your supplier, or otherwise with the environmental office at your municipality.
If the water surface is not easy to reach from the ground level, you can use a broom stick or similar to which you attach the indicator paper or vessel for taking a water sample.

Do you need a new filter bag replacement?

...or contact the supplier of your treatment plant.