Somerton WWTPnedstroms-till-reningsverk

This year Ecofiltration performed a Polonite trial at Somerton WWTP, in England. The results were really successful, both in P-reduction and controlling the pH. Ecofiltration presented their Polonite® technology at UK TAG 35 in June 2014. In 2016 an opportunity for testing the effectiveness of the technology for phosphorus (P) removal and disinfection arose at Somerton Sewage Treatment Work in England with a water flow corresponding
21 000 pe. Read more here.

Tummelsta wastewater treatment plant

Tummelsta is a community situated outside Eskilstuna by the Borsten lake in Swedenen. It is a popular area for summer residences, with 78 cottages. In the fall of 2013, the decision was made to build a water-treatment plant for 45 households. This solution has proved to have an extremely positive effect, and the removal of phosphorus exceeded requirements tenfold, <0.05 mg/l Tot-P. Read more here.


The SWIM project aims to develop an innovative solution for small-scale residential wastewater treatment based on novel recyclable filter materials. The SWIM solution is based on a series of filters that can remove 100 % of the phosphorus, 50 % of the nitrogen and 99.9 % of the bacteria. At the same time, it opens possibilities to recycle valuable nutrients, particularly phosphorus. Read more here.

Udarnik poultry farm

With large-scale poultry production, the Udarnik poultry factory outside Saint Petersburg in Russia, produces huge amounts of chicken manure. Chicken manure is the most nutritious animal faecal matter. However, it contributes to eutrophication of the water bodies surrounding the poultry factory and the factory lacks a proper manure handling process and infrastructure. A pilot project was made possible thanks to financing from the Baltic Sea Trust Fund. Read more here.



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