Udarnik poultry factory

A chicken manure cocktail in the Baltic Sea

With large-scale poultry production, the Udarnik poultry factory outside Saint Petersburg in Russia, produces huge amounts of chicken manure. Chicken manure is the most nutritious animal faecal matter. However, it contributes to eutrophication of the water bodies surrounding the poultry factory and the factory lacks a proper manure handling process and infrastructure. Udarnik has been storing manure in four large temporary storage basins, which have been overfilled for a long time. Their current storage practice has caused sludge leakage from the overfilled basins into the nearby rivers Serebristaja and Velikaja, 22 km from the Baltic Sea.

Reactive filter media

A pilot project was made possible thanks to financing from the Baltic Sea Trust Fund and the John Nurminen Foundation. The pilot project is run together as a collaborative between John Nurminen foundation, Udarnik Poultry Farm, and Ecofiltration.

With a reactive filter media from Ecofiltration, the nutrient leakage is easily prevented, without any chemicals. The filter media possess the ability to absorb, and recycle the phosphorus leaks from fields and farmland. The phosphorus filters are installed in ditches close to the source of the leakage, which are proven to have absorption rate up to 60%. Two types of filters are employed – the field filters and the basin filters – which are centred around the filter materials Polonite and Sorbulite. The filters are robust, require low maintenance, and do not require electricity to operate.

A two-step solution, one step at a time

This project is implemented over two steps. The first step is the ditch filter installation, and is a limited pilot installation based on Polonite and Sorbulite. The second step is the basin filter installation. The scaling up of the filters ensures that all areas where manure is spread are covered. As this is the first installation of its kind, a customized solution based on a built-in development and adaptation approach is adopted, where the solution is developed and adapted during the implementation and operation.

In short:

  • Udarnik Poultry factory manure treatment plant
  • Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • The challenge: Phosphorus run-off from insufficient animal manure storage facilities
  • Solution: Field and basin filters with Polonite and Sorbulite
  • Benefits: Robust, electricity-free solution without chemicals
  • Partners: John Nurminen foundation, Udarnik poultry farm, Ecofiltration

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