About the company

Why do we exist?

Polonite Nordic’s mission is to make sure everyone has access to clean water by making sure it is purified from excess nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria. In that way, we contribute as a company to stop eutrophication and contamination of our waters.

There is also a big need to find another alternative to the today existing phosphorus mines, when eutrophication is a problem. Access to clean water is classified as a human right by the UN and one of the common environmental goals is to recycle resources. We want to contribute to that everyone can take responsibility to have clean water and to make use of the excess of nutrients that exist in our /the nature. At Polonite Nordic we believe all humans are responsible for a healthy environment and clean water.


Polonite Nordic AB is a company jointly owned by Alnarp Cleanwater Technology AB and Skandinavisk Ecotech AB. Both companies possess vast hands-on experience from integrating Polonite® in their respective treatment plants since many years.

Polonite Nordic took over all Polonite related business from the previous company EcoFiltration Nordic AB in August 2019.

Ecofiltration z.o.o. is a Polish company fully owned by Polonite Nordic AB. Szymon Mazur is the Managing Director and he is based in Wroclaw, Poland. Production and sales outside Sweden is managed from the Wroclaw office.

Swedish sales is handled from Stockholm by Angelica Molander.

There is a logistics center based in Vaxtorp (Laholm) serving the Swedish market. From there transports can be arranged to all over Sweden.

Angelica Molander

+46 (0) 8 520 279 79

Szymon Mazur

Managing Director
+48 607 294 549